Honest Burgers- Covent Garden

From day one, we wanted to make the best British burgers on any menu, anywhere. And for that, we knew we had to find great British beef. So we spent a long time getting to know the best butchers in London.

And now we’re butchers too.

We’ve opened our own butchery so we can make the burgers we’d always dreamed of. Our way. From scratch

A great burger starts with great beef. Our beef comes from small farms in the Scottish Highlands. The cows are native breeds (Britain has some of the best in the world), they live outside and they eat grass.

We’ve always made our burgers from chuck and rib cap (the fatty bit that’s skimmed off a rib eye steak). It’s more expensive, but it makes our burgers juicier and chunkier, with a ‘good bite’. It means you can actually taste the beef – really great beef – not just meat. And that’s exactly how it should be.

Home from home

From the start, we wanted everything to taste homemade. Which means it has to be homemade – there are no shortcuts. So we make as much as we can ourselves, in our kitchens.

Our chips, our rosemary salt, our veggie fritters, our iced tea, our lemonade, our pickles, our relish, and our Honest sauces are all made by hand, by us. And now we’ve got our own butchers, we’ve got burgers covered too.

Not a Side Show

If you order an Honest burger – any burger – it comes with rosemary salted chips. We season them as soon as we’ve fried them (you can hear them hiss as we add the salt).

Our chips aren’t an extra; they’re an essential. It’s been that way since Brixton opened its doors, simply because we wanted everyone to try our rosemary salted chips. It might be the worst business decision we’ve ever made, but if it means you try our chips, that’s OK.

You can find all of the Honest Burger Spots right here on Best Burgers London

Honest Burgers- Covent Garden is definitely worth checking out!



33 Southampton St, London WC2E 7HE, UK

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